Courtney Scheu

Courtney Scheu is an independent dance artist and Certified Gaga Teacher, Gaga: Ohad Naharin’s Movement Language, who has experience creating and presenting internationally. Scheu and Itamar Freed presented dance work Plastic Belly in 2020 – 2021 Supercell Dance Festival, Horizon Festival Homegrown, Tempo Dance Festival and Modes of Capture Symposium, Dublin Festival 2021. Scheu was a collaborator in a development of The Raft, co-directed by Joshua Thomson and Gavin Webber for Legs on the Wall 2018. In London, Scheu presented work in Emerge Festival 2017 by C-12 Dance Theatre and Resolution 2018 at The Place. Scheu is committed to contributing to conversations of dance, education and environmental advocacy in Queensland and nationally.