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Full-time Program from 11 years of age

A Full-time program is offered for those students who seek the next level in elite classical coaching and dance tuition.

Why enter En Pointe Ballet’s intensive training from the age of 11 years?

What makes En Pointe  Dance Centre such a unique opportunity, is that it targets these gifted students from as early as 11 years. By attending this “middle school” it bridges that gap that exists between the really “talented students” at day/afternoon schools and senior full-time training institutions, which exist in the capital cities.
During these formative years, it is imperative that gifted students, who aspire to a career in Classical Ballet, obtain a strong classical technique, supported by associated practical and theoretical subjects, which will heighten their level of accomplishment and success in future years.

Once involved in such an intensive training program, students will then blossom and their progress will be fast tracked, along with like-minded classmates, who share the same passion and goals.

By approximately 17 years of age, the student will be very well informed and educated, as to the prospect of their “true” career path, instead of embarking on a nervous, uneducated journey, not knowing what to expect at full-time schools. This can often lead to unsettledness with both their dance training and their education in those critical years, as many of them, are learning to adapt to living away from home and the whole introduction of such intensive training.

Full-time Curriculum

Practical Dance Course Curriculum includes

  • Open Classical Classes
  • Preparation for Graded and Vocational Graded RAD Examinations
  • Eisteddfod Preparation
  • Limber / Body Conditioning/Strength /Cardio Programs
  • Character, Musical Theatre
  • Dedicated Pointe, Pirouette and Allegro Classes
  • Students also have the opportunity to continue
    Open Tap, Jazz, Contemporary and  Hip Hop Classes
  • Repertoire

Supplementary Dance Training includes

  • Pilates
  • Yoga / Tai Chi
  • Water Fitness (deep water aerobics)
  • Gymnastics, Acrobatics

Associated Theoretical Subjects

  • Diet / Nutrition
  • Make-up and Grooming
  • Vocal training
  • Mime
  • Stagecraft (Includes Costume and Set Designing)
  • Choreography / Composition
  • Basic Anatomy and Physiology
  • Basic History of Dance
  • Classical Ballet Vocabulary and Terminology
  • Benesh Notation

Academic Education Information

Due to the tender young ages of these gifted students and the nature of full-time training, much emphasis is placed on continuing an extremely high level of education.  After years of experience with both mainstream schooling and distance learning within the En Pointe Curriculum, Distance Learning has proved to be the most efficient, up-to-date, and most effective and most flexible way of delivering a high level of academic achievement amongst the students. This academic opportunity is offered on campus, for full-time students from Years 6 to 12, through a distance education provider of their choice.

Students are professionally tutored/monitored with their academic studies each day, alongside their dance training. Again, this is a unique opportunity. Most Distance Education students must find their own time and place to complete their studies, but these gifted students of “En Pointe”, are guided throughout their distance learning journey, with the greatest of support.

On-Line, Interactive Academic Lessons

The entire En Pointe Dance Centre is a Wi-Fi “Hotspot”. There is much generous support given with the students distance based learning.  There are computers in each classroom and all are connected wirelessly to a printer and photocopier for student use. Each classroom computer is connected directly to a flat screen TV, to allow for easy viewing and for learning purposes.  Students may partake in on-line, interactive academic lessons if they wish and there is always a tutor in the classroom for guidance and assistance if required.
Whilst  En Pointe Dance Centre’s Primary function and goal of the full-time program is to provide an Elite Classical Ballet Training Curriculum, as you can see, much emphasis is placed, on making sure each individual student, reaches their full, academic potential.

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