Transition Program from 11 years of age

This specialized program, is aimed at providing those students who may aspire to a career in Dance or within the industry, with the added technical, artistic and creative skills needed, to make an informed choice, as they progress through their training. It has been designed to help a young dancer make the “transition” from part-time training, to full-time training in the future, if they so desire.

This program has been devised to provide these dedicated students with added challenges that will broaden their horizons, strengthen their young bodies and provide an opportunity to develop greater knowledge for the art, outside regular part-time classes.

The young dancer’s body needs very careful training, nurturing and a program that is age appropriate, whilst still providing a sensible and reasonable workload for young dancers aged between 11 and 13 years. This age group however, is just approximate. Students are also monitored on their suitability for a career in dance, taking into consideration their facility (body type), maturity, self- discipline, time management skills and overall dedication and commitment to their dance training, NEVER at the expense of academic studies.

Students will be exposed to a variety of dance styles, vocal training, acrobatics, drama and an intense body conditioning, strengthening and fitness regime.  Theoretical (Anatomy, Diet/Nutrition, Dance History, Classical Vocabulary, Psychology, Benesh Notation) and practical subjects will rotate throughout the terms and students will have a taste of what they can expect when they take the next step into full-time training. Classical Ballet training will always be the focus.

During this “Transition” stage of training, students have the choice of remaining in mainstream school (with support and cooperation from their day school) or choosing Distance Education which naturally, supplies the most flexibility. In this “Transition” stage, the program can be individually tailored for each student, depending on their availability and contact hours at the studio. En Pointe Dance Centre has a very successful affiliation with Brightwater State School for its “Transition” Students, who in conjunction with En Pointe, offers an individualised learning program for talented students through its Apex program. Further details about this program, may be obtained by contacting En Pointe directly.

The number of contact hours may vary from student to student. Simply put, the more availability, the more classes/training the student will receive.  “Transition” Program students may attend between 1 and 3 days a week and their individual program will consist of a blend of part-time classes with specialized Transition classes.

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